revival campaign

Apostle Jorge Tadeu will start a new era of revival and invites everyone to participate on Thursdays and Saturdays because we will continue to have to know God better, what God likes and dislikes because we all want to please God.

As we do this, God approaches each one of us in a different, more personal way and, therefore, the blessings are much greater and much faster.

Because if the person is going to ask God for things and then he’s just annoying God and doesn’t know why he’s annoying God, the person will never have victory.
So, it is very important that we continue to study what God likes, what God does not tolerate, etc.

On the other hand, on Saturdays, the Apostle will minister divine healing and exhorts all the brothers to invite their friends, the sick, for those who live far away we can pray for handkerchiefs, to start a new era, where they will minister even, with more time, on Saturdays in this important area.

Therefore, the Apostle exhorts everyone to use Saturdays wherever they are, whether the Apostle, his wife Bishop Christel, or their daughter Samara, to bring people to church because God will heal and this will increase evangelization.

See below the places and dates where the Apostle, Bishop Christel, Samara, and the Bishops will be.

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